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Credit for dA ID: :icondreamyduet: and for icon :iconmiawshloubedadish:
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• Hello, welcome to my page~ I'm Ashpyr, but go by many names: Cruxian, Pyra, Ashpyr, Mei-Ryu, Pyra, Hoshi, but mostly Mei-- just call me whatever you want. xD
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• If I forget to reply to a roleplay I'm doing with you, please send me a note regarding it. Thank you.
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'What On Earth Makes YOU Think YOU can do it?!'I really shouldn't be typing this right now, I should be working on an important birthday card for a special person but I just thought I could get it out of the way quick enough
If any of you are told that you can't, or "with all this talent in the world, what makes you think you are the one" please, prove them wrong!!
If you want something bad enough, anyone can do it! That goes for every dream/talent out there. Never compare your work with someone else's; it'll only put you down!
There aren't any reasons to be jealous, or to quit doing what we love just because of another's petty words (or for some of us, our very own words). We may not be where we want to be where we are at right now at this moment, but anyone else that you look up to with the same talent was there too!!
Never forget all the long hard hours that both you and another person put into their work.
Because in the end, that's all that really matters.
There's no excuse, "oh, well I'm not good at art..." 
Then work on.

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• I apologize for the lateness in getting the requests done ^^; I'm working on them, slowly but surely, and I'm redoing them, as well. Thank you for visiting my page, favouriting my work, etc (: I'm a pretty big procrastinator, sadly.
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I don't bite hard

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Llunet1 Apr 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hi Mei~ Even though you're not online. (Yay you're not invisible- I can now tell if you're online or not XD)
Update on Crystal Seasons I guess? Because I'm happy LOL IDK.

Sprites are getting colored~ I have Yeun, Elise, and Ein colored :D (Ein has facial hair now XD I kind of planned on it but when I drew him I was not only a bit lazy (I had to redraw his sprites - looks SO MUCH BETTER) but also I just got my new tablet and it took some getting used to... Ein being the victim of that XD)
AND. I'm finally working on Fyrne :D I get the feeling you'll like him too~ At least appearance-wise Hahah I hate himmmm //I will try to not let my biases affect how I portray him Hahah...
HE'S GOING TO HAVE TATTOOSSSS BECAUSE I LOVE TATTOOS (except not REALLY... it's weird. I like them on characters but I don't want one... and I don't exactly like them on other people either Hahah (although some are really pretty.... but EVEN STILL. I contradict myself on this matter XD))
And also it makes him different from the others. Ryosuke has the super super long hair. Ren has the spiky hair. Ein has the facial hair. Yeun is the cute amg... and Fyrne has the tattoossssss~

...but I haven't progressed at all in actual programming LOOL. But once all the sprites are done then I can add them in and can finalize the demo... or beta test :)
Ashpyr 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
mg I feel so bad now xD

Why do you hate Fyrne? XD
Omg ikr, I'm the same exact way with tattoos xD
YEUNYEUN♥♥RYOURYOU.RENREN...cant give a nickname to Fyrne without it seeming weird //kick

Llunet1 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
HI. I saw you online~~ //but I had like... 10 minutes SOOOO... My time is so limited QAQ

Ahhh he's very annoying to me. Not in the annoying-sibling way (...not that I have siblings) but I don't agree with him at allllllll... //but he is really handsome amg LOL//
But keeping him because... LARGE RANGE OF CHARACTERS~ So I hope someone likes him. Someone probably will. He's not evil or anything. He's too good XD //in a very narrow-minded sort of way...

Hahah. FYR FYR. //idk XD

:D! AND NO PROGRESS AHAHAHAHAH... instead I'm working on making a new RP Group... seriously I have to focus... but ALL MY FREE TIME... I CAN'T WORK ON CRYSTAL SEASONS. QAQ
I can't really draw either. Unless I bug my dad to pick me up from school and take me home... but I would feel REALLY BAD. Because he would be taking me back and forth every 2 hours.
LightningStrike83 Mar 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Belated Birthday to you Mei~ <333 Here's that gift I promised you~ ^^ Sorry I'm so late getting it to you OTL lightningstrike83.deviantart.c…

Hope you like it though~ 8D
Ashpyr Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Eeeep thank you so much QQQQ I love it asdf
LightningStrike83 Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:dance: Whoo~ 8D I'm so glad you do Mei~ ;u; You're most very welcome~ <333
I am internally dying~ That reply.. Haha~ (Go teach him, Robyn! You tell that pink-haired bimbo)
Ashpyr Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It's okay~ I lived!
Ashpyr Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
oh my freaking goodness
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